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Población y Estadísticas - Population and Statistics

Afro-Latino Population

Percentage of Population in Latin America with Afro-Descendance

Afro-Descendants in Latin America 15-32%


Central America and Caribbean

 Costa Rica2%
 Dominican Republic - 90%
 El Salvador -
 Guatemala - 4%
 Honduras2 - 50%
 Mexico5 -10%
 Nicaragua9 - 13%
 Panama14 - 77%
 Puerto Rico23-70%


South America 

 Argentina2 - %
 Chile - 1%


Estimations compiled from various sources, including: CanAfro. "Manual de los Afrodescendientes de las Américas y el Caribe." (Panamá, 2006);  Carlo Dade. "Afro-Latinos, Canada and Poverty in the Americas." FOCAL. (7 Feb. 2006);  Inter American Development Bank. "Poverty Alleviation Program for Minority Communities in Latin America: Communities of African Ancestry In Latin America History, Population, Contributions, & Social Attitudes Social and Economic Conditions." (1996);  Minority Rights Group. No Longer Invisible: Afro-Latin Americans Today. (London: Minority Rights Publications, 1995);  Morrison, Judith.  "Race and Poverty in Latin America: Addressing the Development Needs of African Descendants."  UN Chronicles, vol.44, no.3 (2007);  World Bank. "Afro-Latins." (Jul. 2003);  World Bank.  "Serie de publicaciones: "Más allá de los Promedios: Afrodescendientes en América Latina" (Feb. 2005) 

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